Our Services

Family Practice

In addition to familiar services, we offer specialized diagnostic and treatment options.


Our clinic provides various on-site services including: digital X-rays, laceration repair, allergy testing, and hormone replacement therapy.

Work Related Health Care

This includes physicals, drug testing, and work related injuries. Additionally, we are certified in DOT and FAA physicals.

Women's Health

Having many years of experience, our doctors handle both routine checkups as well as specialized issues.

What We Do

Family Practice

We have two board certified family practice doctors with over twenty years of experience to care for your needs. The doctors provide on-site preventative care, evaluation, treatment, and management of most disease conditions for patients of all ages.

Hormone treatment

Many patients suffer from low hormones and this can be an often overlooked source of their symptoms. In our office, patients are given individualized, laboratory verified prescriptions of bio identical hormones to treat the underlying deficiencies.


Osteopathic manipulation can be used to treat various structural problems. Our doctors use several techniques that address sprains, strains, misalignments or congestion of the neck, back, trunk or joints of the arms and legs.


Our doctors are well versed in diet and nutrition. We offer consultation regarding nutrition, vitamins and common herbs. Our doctors frequently recommend vitamins and herbs for your health needs.

Digital X-ray

Our clinic has offered X-rays for over twelve years. In December 2013, we upgraded to digital X-rays. We have the capability to down load your X-ray on disk for you. X-rays can be taken with you to your referral appointment if needed.

Allergy Testing

We offers a standard allergy panel skin test. We test for weeds, trees, grasses, molds and some foods. Our clinic also offers sublingual allergy drops as opposed to injections.

Women’s Health

The doctors have years of experience in women’s health and can address a number of issues including low hormones, pelvic pain and irregular menstrual periods, as well as routine pelvic exams and breast exams.

DOT and FAA Physicals

The clinic also has a certified physician for the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration to perform required physicals for truck drivers and pilots.

Sports Physicals

Our doctors and nurse practitioners are available to perform sports physicals for all ages.

Skin biopsies

Our doctors and nurse practitioners can address numerous dermatological problems and perform biopsies, cryotherapy and minor surgical procedures as needed.


Our staff is equipped and available for laceration repair, minor foreign body removal, and treatment of puncture wounds.

Pulmonary Function Test

We have equipment on site to evaluate patients for asthma and emphysema.

Audio Testing

The clinic has a state-of-the-art computerized audio evaluation equipment. Many hearing problems can be evaluated and addressed in our office.

Vision Testing

The office is also equipped with a Titmus for evaluation of near vision, distance vision, color vision and depth perception.